Today, transparency and traceability of construction projects is not only of great benefit in terms of time and money for all project participants, but is also an essential success factor for lean construction projects to ensure a clean and trustworthy cooperation. The reality is often different, however, because suitable measuring tools and software and their shared accessibility are lacking.

This is where FARO’s Traceable Construction concept comes in. FARO offers portable, efficient, secure and forward-looking solutions for data collection, pre-processing and evaluation for various surveying tasks in the design, build and operating phase. This enables FARO’s customers to accelerate processes, reduce project costs, minimize waste and increase profitability.

Find out in detail below how FARO solutions support the respective building life phases and their sections.

On-Site Capture

High-speed data acquisition, on-site registration, survey control

FOCUS Laser Scanner

  • Fast, straightforward and highly accurate capture of site conditions, buildings or facilities
  • Its ultra-portable format and durability makes it suitable for use in difficult environments, narrow construction sites, dusty or humid areas, in rain or direct sunlight.
  • Integrated on-site compensation ensures accuracy for every operation and thus reduces project risks
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SCENE Software

  • FARO SCENE software ensures to have always an overview about the projects and its status. It can be linked with a FOCUS<sup>S</sup> Series Scanner to inform the operator which areas are captured and which areas are missing. He will leave the job site with confidence the job is done.
  • The most intuitive and efficient software for scan data processing allows to filter and edit the scanning data, the incorporation into an almost existing coordinate system and the lifelike data visualization.
  • A comparison of the modeled CAD design with the virtual as-built situation is made possible by Virtual Reality functionality.
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ATS Traceable3D® Target System

  • Ensure that all data works hand in hand within one project reference coordinate system. With the ATS Traceable3D target system support a clean interoperability of all captured data.
  • Innovative professional grade surveying equipment for fast and precise setup of survey control for scan projects
  • Easy combinable with traditional survey methods and devices (e.g. total stations), to allow best possible registration results
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ATS Quality Manager for FARO SCENE

  • Verify and improve the quality of target based registration
  • The user friendly graphical interface guides through possible quality problems to get faster highly accurate results
  • Configurable reports and quality thresholds document the registration results to get trusted reality data
  • More information at the FARO 3D App Center

As-Built Model and Design

Lean building projects are often planned, created, designed and managed within a BIM design system. These systems store all the needed information around the project and sharing an always up to date data source with the project stakeholders representing the data as a digital Building Model. FARO As-Built software ensures a traceable conversion of the scanning measurement data into the BIM design systems for planning and design of your building projects based on the as-built conditions. It allows fast and efficient creation of 2D-, 3D- and BIM models, that matches to the constraints of the design system and the tolerances of the stakeholders.  Fully integrated into the major Autodesk Building design systems, As-Built modelling workflows can be quickly mastered and profitably applied to the daily business.

As-Built for AutoCAD® Software

  • Data processing for various data capturing devices (laser scanner, drone, total station or mobile mapping system) to ensure full usability of the deliverables from your data capturing service provider.
  • Automatic but user controlled workflows ensure efficiency and traceability of the overall process
  • A wide variety of easy to use functions ensure you have the right toolset to process data from different functional parts of the building e.g. Piping/MEP Design, Floor/ Elevation plan, Steel construction or complement the As-Built models with additional semantic information like room books or facility management ready database information
  • Comparison of modeled CAD design with the measurement data to prove if the model quality is within the given tolerances
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As-Built for Autodesk® Revit®

  • Quick, intuitive, automated but user controlled workflows to extract information from the measurement data directly within Autodesk Revit matching the constraints of the BIM design software
  • Tracking of model accuracy with tolerance checkup based on national (e.g. USIBD) or international standards or stakeholder’s specifications
  • Object creation inside the Autodesk® Revit® Family Editor based on laserscanning data to create as detailed and accurate as possible component catalogues matching the common LOD guidelines.
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Design Layout

Design data projection to the construction site and for prefabrication

Stake Out with Total Stations

  • Streamline the processes to locate penetrations and assembly points by connecting the design model with a total station
  • As-Built for AutoCAD Software takes control to direct a robotic total station for construction layout tasks
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TRACERm Laser Projector

  • Speed up workflows within pre-fabrication of building components and modular constructions by
  • Projecting assembly templates of complex structures to the workbench (trusses, girders, racks,…)
  • Advanced projection of more complex design data (points and polygons)
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Quality Control

Continuous construction verification

BuildIT Construction

  • Facilitates and accelerates validation to BIM design specifications,
  • Pair 3D scanning with BuildIT Construction to avoid rework and reduce scrap in your construction projects
  • Evaluate quickly tolerances against local standards for floor flatness and levelness, beam camber, wall plumpness
  • Verify part positioning accurately in real-time
  • Monitor building and parts movement over time to avoid structural failures
  • Position parts accurately on site via laser projector interface
  • Import scan data from various laser scanner manufacturers and CAD platforms from file types
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Data Connect and Share

As-Built data preparation and shareing across all Building Lifecycle Phases

SCENE WebShare Cloud

  • Cloud-based hosting solution for easy and secure sharing of scan data amongst project participants
  • Eliminates the need for installing, running and maintaining of internet servers on the customers’ site.
  • Highest data security standards and SSL-encryption of communication ensures sharing of project data among various clients and partners worldwide.
  • Easy viewing of point cloud data in panorama or 3D view via various browsers and mobile devices
  • Broaden the project data by adding permanent distance and area measurements, annotations with links to any internet address, or to files stored by the third-party cloud storage providers Box and Dropbox
  • Comprehensive project and user management enables flexible control of project groups and user roles with different object editing rights
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